Frequently Asked Questions

What are private markets?

Who sells shares in a private company?

Is the company involved in selling shares?

Are the shares being sold in the Demat form?

Can you explain what Precize exactly is?

How do you assure the private deal?

Why should I choose Precize over other secondary marketplaces?

If a company is not listed, how come the shares are in the Demat form?

What is the kind of time horizon involved in investing in growth-stage companies?

What is the minimum amount one can invest in a private company?

What’s the lock-in period for shares obtained in private markets?

What is the kind of returns one can expect in investing in private companies?

What are the tax implications of investing in the private markets?

How do you select opportunities to invest in?

What kind of study and analysis, or due diligence, is done on the asset?

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