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It’s here. The most versatile private equity investment platform is here. A redefined dashboard, a no-brainer investment journey, a research-driven platform, and an intelligent company screener with always-on assistance — the first investment platform of its kind — is now yours. And we call it Portal.

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Seamless investing process

Invest in just 3 clicks

Precize's Portal was built with speed in mind. We want investors to make their moves swiftly and confidently.

One. Two. Three, invest.

Seamless investing process

Confirm Demat Account Number

Once you confirm your Demat account, Precize will deposit your private share into it.

demat account

Place your order

Select your stock and the number of shares you'd like to purchase. Take a glance and press pay.

Place your order

Pay with UPI

Because the people of India have understood the simplicity of payments with UPI, it only deems fit; we offer the same clarity and familiarity.

Pay with UPI

Track order

Once you add your Demat, you're all set. Sit back and track your order while we take of everything else.

track order
Lead Background

Research-driven platform

Harnessing the research power of Precize Data, the platform now makes in-depth financial data about the private company available in-platform. With custom-built one-pagers, get the company's outlook in just a glance. And for those of you who want to go pro, immerse yourself into the complete reports and make your investments.

Financial Services1
Net profit company screener

Always-on assistance

You always have a Precize assistant assigned to you with always-on assistance. You've never experienced a service like this before.

Always-on assistance

Start investing with ₹10,000

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